Practice --> Part 7: Reading Comprehension 1

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Questions below refer to the following advertisement.


Do you dream of having a space away from the demands of everyday life — a place where you can create, think, and relax?

Marvel Space Planners, a group of architects, designers, and makers of built-in furniture, can turn an unused room or an awkward space into a practical room of your own. Our free, full-color brochure presents a sampling of options for individually designed spaces.

If you would like to create a customized space, why not call us today at 800-555-7552 to request a copy of the brochure or to schedule a free initial consultation with our design team.


Space Planners

1. What is being advertised?
A. Vacation packages
B. Rooms for rent
C. A job placement service
D. A design service
  A. Vacation packages are not being advertised.
  B. The company does not offer rooms to rent, it designs rooms.
  C. A job placement service to help people find jobs is not being advertised.
  D. The company is advertising a service to create a customized, or specially designed space from an unwed room. This is a design service carried out by the company's design team.

2. What is offered for free?
A. Some paint samples
B. An architectural plan
C. Exercise equipment
D. A consultation
  A. The company's free brochure gives a sampling of options for room designs. Paint samples are not mentioned.
  B. A plan for the room would probably be made, but a free architectural plan is not being offered.
  C. There is no mention of free exercise equipment.
  D. People are invited to call to arrange a free initial consultation.
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