Practice --> Part 6: Text Completion

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:


Veronica Lew, M.D., of First Community Medical Center, was recently featured in a list of "Fifty Notable Young Professionals" in City News Magazine. She and the 49 others listed (1)............... from a list of 500 candidates.
The 500 candidates had been nominated for (2)............... contributions to the fields of business, science and medicine, scholarship, sports, and the arts.
Dr. Lew, a Professor of Internal Medicine, is the third physician from First Community Medical Center to be given this (3)................ She is a frequent speaker at medical conferences around the world.
Her textbook, Practicing Internal Medicine, has just been published by Medical Publications, Inc.

A. are choosing
B. were chosen
C. been chosen
D. will choose
  A. Are choosing refers to something happening now and is in the active voice, so it is incorrect.
  B. Like the other verbs in the first paragraph, choose should be in the passive voice, to describe something that happened to Dr. Lew. Were chosen is simple past passive.
  C. Been chosen is incorrect because it is not simple past tense.
  D. The future active will choose is incorrect because the sentence is not about something Dr. Lew and the others on the list will do themselves.

A. theirs
B. them
C. themselves
D. their
  A. The pronoun theirs is not used directly before a noun.
  B. The pronoun them does not show possession and is used in place of a noun, not before a noun.
  C. The reflexive pronoun themselves is incorrect because it does not show possession.
  D. The plural possessive pronoun their is needed here to refer to the contributions of the candidates.

A. salary
B. honor
C. amount
D. pride
  A. Salary also refers to money, so it is incorrect.
  B. The noun honor, meaning special recognition, should be used here because being included in the list described is a way of recognizing a person's special achievements.
  C. Amount would refer to money. There is no mention of money here.
  D. Dr. Lew may feel pride at receiving this honor, but we do not say she is given pride.
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